VBA Function to select 3 product combinations for production - most efficient combinations

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    I'm looking for assistance with writing a VBA function to automate a process for selecting products to group together for production.

    Concrete wall panel pouring. They have 126' of length to work with for each bed, with a total of 4 beds. They need to select (2) roughly 40+' sections and (1) smaller section lengthwise, to create the best use of space for the whole pour. The "reveals" and the "openings" need to be repetitive for the groupings whenever possible. I have attached the current spreadsheet example of a work order and all the products(MARK) needed within that job. Ultimately, we need a new workbook based off the data for each job, that tells what combinations of products (in sets of 3) to do to knock out the whole order. From existing forums, this seems to be the closest I have found so far: Find best combination of numbers to meet a goal.

    Anyone have ideas? Right now, I just have an IF function stating if the piece is large or small, and then I have used conditional rules to highlight the cell based on the reveal and the opening. Let me know what other info I can provide. Thank you.

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