Count formula based on a column heading

  • Hi everyone,

    I need help counting a specific criteria based on a column heading.

    I have days of the week for the entire year as the heading and I need to count how many times a initial appears in column Saturday.

    I am counting the number of Saturdays worked per individual.

  • Thank you, however, I need the total count per user, not per venue.

    So instead of the venues I have everyone's initials and I need the total number of Saturdays worked.

    I have uploaded what I require, I typed in the Stats manually but require a formula to calculate across the spreadsheet.

  • Hi and welcome

    You are making the same mistake that I see time and time again. You are mixing up the two elements of data capture and final reporting. The two require quite different treatments.

    A lot of people start by designing the form that they expect to see as the final report or which at first glance seems the best way of capturing data, and then wonder why it's so difficult to subsequently analyse and summarise or extract information from it. Yours exhibits all those features.

    You should always capture data in a simple two dimensional table and worry about reporting information from it afterwards. Without exception doing this you will always be able to easily obtain management information. Rarely is this the case if you start the other way round.

    You will also throw open the whole wonderful world of the powerful Pivot table functionality.

    This would be MUCH easier using a standard table with three columns like Date - Venue - Initials

    Starting from there usual COUNTIF formulas or a simple Pivot Table would do the job

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