Copy specific cell data to summary tab based on tab name

  • I am looking for some VBA to assign to a button control on my workbook summary tab that will loop through all sheets starting with sheet 10 and copy the data in cell A12-M12 of each worksheet and pastevalue the data on the summary tab that corresponds with the line that has the same number in column A.

    Basically once i fill out the work item data on the "data Input" tab and use the macro to create the tabs for each work item using the provided template, i need to then have whatever data is applied to each tab paste to the summary tab.

    I have attached my workbook to help further explain.

    Information is entered on "Data Input" starting at A2.

    Once all the information is entered the button control titled "Create Estimate Sheets" takes the data entered and creates a templated worksheet for each specification number.

    Each tab has the estimate completed and the information is summarized on each worksheet cells A12-M12

    The missing link is to assign a macro to the button control "Import BOE Data" located in column W on the "Bid Overview (PTW)" tab that will loop through each work item tab and paste the data to the correct line based on the item number starting in cell A21.

    I would greatly appreciate any help offered as right now i am stuck!

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