excel formula to find quarter

  • Hi , I need an excel formula to do the following

    1 . in the calc sheet column A has month and column B has year

    2. in column C and D i need to find which quarter of the year it is corresponding to the month

    3. for example if the month in column A is 1 , 2 or 3 then quarter is Q1 , if the month is 4 ,5 or 6 then quarter is Q2 , if the month is 7,8 or 9 then quarter is Q3 and finally if the month is 10 ,11 or 12 then quarter is Q4

    4. I have done this manually in column C but I need an excel formula to do this in column D using the months from column A

    I have attached the excel sheet named calc below . Please can someone help me . Thanks in advance


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