pulling cell values from other workbooks (listed paths)

  • Hi,

    I am new here and I hoppe you guys apologize that I am not a native speaker.

    I have tried different solutions for my challenge and honestly I always failed.

    Unfortunately I am not a VBA expert, I was programming last time 25 years ago (yes, there had been already bulky PC on the market :D ).

    Source files:

    - different xls* files, inn different folders

    - they are containing in different sheets ("main" and "plan") cell values (single cells, no ranges)

    - some of them I want to import into a cockpit file

    destination file:

    - "cockpit", so far one sheet "GF"

    - it should become a table, with a header in line 1

    - per line I need to import the values of the source files in to (B2,3,4,5,6...)

    - in one cell (A2,3,4...) I copied the full path of the sourcefile for this line (c:\user\.....\example.xlsm)*

    * a workaround, because I failed to create a parser in subfolders ;(

    I want the macro:

    - to open the workbooks specified in column A

    - copy the date from different cells in different sheet into the current line

    - not changing the source files (in my tries I frequently corrupted the source)

    so far:

    - I made the array working and the loop ready (thanks to some codes I have found)

    - It seems , all the workbooks are opening/closing one by one, the target cells are getting activated, but no content is pasted (my clipboard is empty)

    - sometimes sources are corrupted, when I turn ReadOnly in open into True, I am getting prompted for each file to select a filename to be saved (I don't want to change the sources)

    What went wrong?

    I would be very happy to get some support here!



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