Trying to Merge two worksheet_change(ByVal Target as Range)

  • Hello Everyone. I was tasked to create a spreadsheet that can update ranges to a new worksheet when column E (or 5) is updated to "Denied" or "Scheduled"

    When denied it will go to sheet2 and when it is schedule it will go to sheet3

    I was successful in getting "Denied" to work and move the range over successfully, but when writing the code based of the "Denied" code I learned that you have to merge the code as there cannot be two worksheet changes.

    This is the code I have so far just need tips or instructions on how to merge the code.

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  • Perhaps you want this

    I'm not sure exactly what your code is supposed to be doing, but it can probably be improved if you explain what you are doing.

  • The desire is to have the ability to update the status column and all of the information in that row is moved to a new sheet and deleted from the original sheet. There might be a much easier way than the code I initially started as I am definitely new at this.

  • That might be the best case scenario. Thank you so much royUK. Just as a learning thing do you know the general rules for merging two spreadsheet changes? I appreciate your help!

    Definitely sounds like I was just trying to over complicate and make it "flashy"

  • Your code will slow down inputting to the sheet because every change will force Excel to check the sheet.

    If you really need to split the data (which is a very bad idea) then don't use an event code but run code to make the split after you have finished inputting.

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