Application.Goto Reference:=" I NEED HELP!!!

  • Hello everyone! I'm new here and also new programming VBA.

    I'm doing a worksheet to solve some problems in my job and the last thing I gotta do is use a Macro to copy some information in a worksheet and paste it into another worksheet.

    The problem is that I need to paste this data in a specific row, depending on the week of the year. E.g: I am filling in the data from week 52, so I need to paste it into line 52 of the Data Worksheet.

    I wanted to put a formula in the reference : Application.Goto Reference:= "FORMULA, eg: address(A1)"

    The cell A1 contains the address I want to paste the data ( eg: D52) so it is not a fixed cell where the data will always be pasting.

    How do I use a formula in the reference parameter??

    Thank you guys!

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