Ignore zero values in range for user defined function

  • Hello,

    I imported in my workbook a spline function that someone else has made, MySpline. MySpline takes two column ranges of equal lengths, one as

    x-values you could say andone as y values, and one new x-value to be interpolated.

    Now I am trying to make a template, so the input ranges will be fixed, fx A3:A13 and B3:B13. Users will insert their values in these two columns.

    However, the inputs may vary. Fx let's say that one user only has data that fill A3:A9 and B3:B9. In that case, the remaining cells will be

    empty and MySpline cannot handle that.

    So I've tried different things. I've tried changing the VBA code of MySpline with something like

    NewRange = InputRange(InputRange <> 0)

    I've tried the same following the method poste dby Kenneth here: VBA code to select cells with value greater than zero from a range.

    I've tried


    However, there are some headers at A1 and A2, so


    doesn't give the correct last value in the column. It would give the value in A11.

    I've tried


    But I figured out that INDEX and LOOKUP don't work together.

    I've tried making the cells be empty (see Return empty cells and here - the part with the "suicide cells") for some reason the "suicide cell function" doesn't work for me.

    Now I've run out of ideas... :S Is there anyone who could help? Either with a better idea or improving my previous ideas.

    I can do this with a button and VBA, however I would prefer a solution without no user interaction other than the input, such that the user inputs some data, MySpline does the math.

    NB: I am not exactly sure if this is the right place to post this and if I'm using the "code" function correctly as I am new here...

  • Hi, I can unfortunately not do that :/ I tried to write a detailed description hoping it would describe enough

  • You could use:


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