Macro to copy paste from multiple files

  • Hi All,
    I have a recon file where i reconcile the total expenses from TWO sets (5 files) of Excel files on a monthly expenses (All are .XLS at present)

    1- LOB

    2- P&L

    I open each LOB file apply filter (Col D) and paste value from H26- M26 to the recon file.

    I have attached a template , where -

    - Folder path is mentioned in cell C3 & O3

    - File name is in col C (C7 to C11) & O (O7 to O11)

    - For LOB files need to apply repective filter in each file ( mentioed in col D)

    - From All LOB files need data from Cell H26 to M26 to be copied in the recon file

    - From P&L file find value on Col F for Text as - "Net Expenses" and copy from Col H - M, for eg if Net Expenses in on row 26 then copy paste from cell H26 to M26


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