VBA code to prevent typing in Cells and Columns

  • Hi,

    Just wondering if anyone had, I am guessing 5 mins to help me out with something that is probably very obvious (but not to me - at the moment)

    Essentially I have a template spreadsheet with months in columns and departments in rows. Rows per department will be consistent throughout but will vary between departments. I have written code that will prevent overtyping previous month / future month data, and also to ensure each department can only enter data for their department. Individually both sets of code run.

    However, what I need to do is amend the code so that rows and columns will both be blocked except for those that intersect each other - and that is where I have broken it.

    Just wondering if someone could take a peek at my attempt, and when you've finished laughing point me in the right direction.

    From the error messages I think it doesn't like the 2 lots of "for each"

    Any help is appreciated.

    Many thanks


  • Maybe

    Sub LockCells()
        With Sheet1.Cells(1).CurrentRegion
            .Parent.Unprotect "hello"
            .Locked = 0
            If Application.CountIf(.Rows(2), "TT") > 0 Then .Rows(2).Locked = 1
            If Application.CountIf(.Columns(1), "TT") > 0 Then .Columns(1).Locked = 1
            .Parent.Protect "hello"
        End With
        Sheet2.Visible = 2
    End Sub

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  • Hi there KjBox..... (and Everyone Else)

    Firstly, that's a hell of a lot neater and tidier than I have done. :) As said I am kind of rusty (probably totally corroded) with VBA having had nearly 3 years away from it and now finding myself using it more and more, so some is coming back to me, (too slowly) but am refreshing and learning new every day.

    I think I can understand as to what you have done (as in understand the code) ... I've copied the code in and run it however it is not doing what I intended. (However at least it's not falling over at the not liking 2 For statements any more. )

    This is due to my rather poor description so have attached a screenshot of a mini mocked up spreadsheet to hopefully illustrate what I am trying to do.

    I've added a few comments to the spreadsheet - just as text in cells.

    Essentially what I am trying to achieve is if the value of a cell within the range M2:AB2 is "TT" AND if the value of a cell in A5:A200 is "TT" then lock all the cells in the range A5:AB200 except where the rows and columns intersect.

    M2:AB2 will always only have one TT maximum as it relates directly to a month.
    A5:A200 will always have the same number of TT values however this will vary depending upon the department selected.

    Dept A will always be on rows 5-8
    Dept B will always be on rows 10-22
    Dept C will always be on rows 24-25
    etc etc

    Any pointers/help would be massively appreciated.

    Many thanks

  • Rather than an image, with which we cannot work, can you please attach your actual mini mocked up spreadsheet.

    Any cells that normally contain text or data fill with anything.

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