extracting data from strings

  • hi there

    i have this text in one cell how do i extract name, number, company name and senders email address from it.

    AQMkAGFjNmYwNDI3LWY0MjAtNGY0YS1iOWJlLTk4YjE3MzZkMTNmNABGAAADZX20kU4Z1UWozkV5swoePQcAgVrs75FoMkG02JJ2rukC2AAAAgEMAAAAgVrs75FoMkG02JJ2rukC2AAFAn7bugAAAA==If you can't see this message, view it in your browser.

    The following user has requested a trade login for the website.

    Use the following link to upgrade the user to a trade account:

    NameMiss MONICA GALDOSTelephone

    [email protected] Nameabdro compassCompany Registration Numberabdrocompass del campo caCompany VAT


  • This code takes the text in the cell as input and returns an array (1 to 4) with name, number, company name and sender's email address.


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