How do I make my Excel add-in talk to an SQL table on an FTP-server? (previous thread was marked "resolved" but had zero replies to it)

  • Not sure why the previous time I posted this question, it ended up being marked as "resolved" without any replies to it or without any feedback from the moderators, so here goes again ...

    After looking around with Google I found lots of information on how to connect to database sources, and associated information on how to execute SQL statements from VBA.

    What I am missing is how to get started ... as a newbie in the FTP / SQL world, I have only gotten as far as creating a simple (currently still empty) MySQL database on the FTP server of my domain host. What I would like to achieve as an ultimate end goal, is for my add-ins to be able to consult a table in that SQL database even if the add-in is being run by someone else.

    Is there some good information around that would allow me to be guided step-by-step in setting up the table with the right structure, connecting from VBA to that table, and then also reading from that table in VBA?

    Thanks in advance for any help

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