Less clunky way of listing missing month/day combinations

  • Greetings-

    I am looking for a simpler solution to listing the month/day combinations that are not present in a long list of dates. In this example there are 900 dates (dataN); they are in order and there are many duplicates. For instance, the first result is January 4, because there is no January 4 in any of the dataN dates. I need to list these month/days.

    I did work out a solution but I’m not convinced that it is the best or simplest. Column C is a complete list of possible month/days. I used 2020, the last leap year. Column D compares the month/day against dataN. If there are any matches, it returns nothing. If there are no matches, it returns that date. Column F is a unique list of the positive results in Column D. The years are totally irrelevant.

    I would appreciate any Excel ninja magic you all can come up with.


  • How about


    Obviously, Excel ninja magic does exist because I asked for some and that is exactly what I received. Thank you very much!

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