• We can not conclude that electric skateboards are a hundred percent safe; therefore, skateboarders need to consider the risk and safety of a motorized skateboard to decide whether or not to pick up this new vehicle. In general, electric skateboards are just conventional skateboards attached to electrical motors.

    Hence, the average speed of an electric skateboard is much higher than a traditional board. Consequently, they are less safe than their traditional counterparts. However, no matter which vehicles you are riding, they all contain some sort of danger. Therefore, the best way is to learn about those hazards and the way to prevent them from happening.

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    In this post, I would like to provide you with some common dangers related to electric skateboarding. Furthermore, some tips based on my experience will also be discussed to help skateboarders avoid unnecessary accidents.


    Well, I must say there is nothing called the safest electric skateboard because all vehicles contain some risks. However, there is a fact you have to accept that the less you pay for an e-skate, the more risks you are taking.

    To own a proper e-skate, you have to spend an adequate amount of money in order to possess a product of decent quality. However, having a good electric skateboard doesn’t mean your safety can be assured. How dangerous is your ride depends critically on your skating skills so skateboarders, especially beginners, have to practice frequently.


    The braking system is probably the biggest advantage of an electric skateboard. Unfortunately, this system sometimes encounters unexpected problems so I don’t think it is a good idea to totally rely on it to stop an electric skateboard.

    Unlike other vehicles like bicycles or motorbikes which use friction braking, dynamic braking technologies are used in an electric skateboard. Kinetic energy is transferred into heat through a resistor. Then, an inducting current generated by the magnets of the motor runs through the copper wire and slows down the spinning.

    In regenerative braking, instead of converting electricity into heat via a resistor, the power is directed back to the battery in order to recharge it. Therefore, an electric skateboard can become energy-efficient.

    Despite the good generative braking system, skateboarders had better master the stopping techniques so as to handle critical situations where the brake doesn’t work. In those circumstances, knowing how to stop a board and fall off the moving board are necessary skills.


    The first and the utmost requirement for skateboarders must be wearing a proper helmet. We all know that the head is the most vulnerable part of our body; therefore, it is not a wise choice to ride an electric skateboard without anything to protect the head.

    Refusing to wear a skateboarding helmet can lead to features on the skull or even some traumatic brain injuries once you hit your head on the ground. From here, we could say that a good helmet must be a hard one with an impact-absorbing layer inside to diminish the impact on our head.

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    Typically, a good electric skateboard has to satisfy several qualifications before it can be sold on the market. Moreover, a good helmet can only do its job when it can fit perfectly on your head. Hence, please measure your head precisely and check out the size chart from the manufacturer to pick the best fit.

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    Another useful type of protective gear must be knee pads and elbow pads. They can definitely save you from pain from bruises or some nasty cuts. Sometimes, a direct hit to the elbow or knee can damage the bone and joint at that position and you may have to say goodbye to skateboarding forever.

    For beginners without much experience and skating skills, they should begin with some easy techniques and skills instead of going for challenging tricks. Sometimes, taking the risks will lead to serious dangers.

    Lastly, the best way to increase your safety while using an electric skateboard must be practicing. The more frequently you practice, the more skillful you will be. By mastering the techniques in skateboarding as well as learning to control an electric skateboard well, I bet all skateboarders can handle any sudden situation.

    Besides getting familiar with the board, I think it is a good idea to check the e-skate after each skating session to make sure that every component is working in its best condition. Also, beginners should choose an electric skateboard with suitable power and maximum speed so that they won’t be overwhelmed when riding it.

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    All kinds of skateboarding contain risks; therefore, skateboarders should learn the right way to protect themselves from those dangers instead of being afraid. After all, electric skateboarding is dangerous but not as risky as many other extreme sports.

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