How to pull specific cells from SAP MD04 using VBA?

  • I am currently working on creating a Macro-Enabled workbook to automate a weekly data collection task at my company. I have the ground work laid out (the current VBA script will pull a plant code and list of materials out of Excel and step through the material list in MD04), however I get a little lost upon trying to extract the data out of SAP and back into Excel. The values I'm trying to acquire are the Rounding Value and Weekly Receipts for a specific week. If you need additional information I am happy to oblige, I've been scouring online for a solution but haven't been able to uncover what I was looking for so any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Attach a sample workbook

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  • From the VBA IntelliSense list, choose “Value” property to get the value from the mentioned cell. Now the variable “CellValue” holds the value from the cell A1. Show this variable value in the message box in VBA. Ok, run the code and see the result in a message box.

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