Add a column on the listbox

  • Hello, I ask if anyone can help me in making the column A of "Sheet1" appear in the listbox that is started with the "Start form" button, in addition to column B.

    If you can then make the search work in both columns.

    This is a userform that I found on the net and tried to adapt to my needs.

    Thanks to anyone who can give me a tip

  • Hi Zio Frank

    In the Elenchi sheet, I chose column J.


    J2= OFFSET(Foglio1!$A$2,,,COUNT(Foglio1!$A2:$A100))

    (I chose the end row as Folgio1!A100 as there are entries below this, this command will cause a Spill in the rows below)

    Then in the Form, I made a new ComboBox field and added this the RowSource properties, Elenchi!J2#

    The # is important so it picks up all the the spill range.

    I'll leave it to you to handle the functionality you want.



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