Dependent DropDown Userform + output in new sheet

  • Hi, I am trying to make a userform pop-out when a button is clicked, then that user form will have multiple dependent dropdown list

    1st drop down column list is the main ones, means its the name of the zones

    2nd drop down column list is dependent on what you chose on 1st drop down

    looks like this

    1st drop down list additional condition is if it is already selected it will not be available in the list anymore

    after the userform pops out you will need to select from 1st column and from the 2nd column (minimum of 1 and maximum of 7 selections for each)
    then a 3rd part

    with just a single selection of main zone (same dropdown list as the 1st column)

    here's what the userform looks like

    I have also attached the sample file with the userform inside it

    hope someone can help thanks!

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