Excel "Freezing" when executing userform

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  • I think I have enough observations to intelligently address the issue I'm having. I am using a workbook that is used to route trucks to pick up donations for a homeless shelter. I wrote this code about 7 years ago and it is the first VBA project I wrote. The code is not written very well and needs to be re-written but it has been working for the last 7 years.

    What is happening is once the program has been used for 2-4 entries, the user clicks an icon on a custom ribbon and initiates a form to enter in a zip code the form freezes. Sometimes it will get past this first form but freezes on subsequent forms. The point here is when it is first opened it works for a little bit (2-4 entries) then this freezing starts. The CPU usage goes through the roof, 55% and the memory just keeps growing. One last thing, if I bypass the icon on the ribbon by selecting macro, select the initialization routine and select run, It seems to do much better but eventually will still freeze about after 6-8 usages. And then finally if I just run the code to almost its end, using "Stop" to stop the execution, then killing via reset, I can run the program endlessly. Only after the data that is accumulated during the data entry process is added to the workbook does this freezing problem begin to show up and then only after several entries have been completely entered.

    I am hoping that someone might read this and suggest where I might start to look to debug this problem. I have rewritten the code for some of the forms and other code. I have checked the formatting in the worksheets. I am at my wits-end. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    J Wick

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