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  • Hello together

    I am new here and as a beginner have the following question:

    I have a table with 11 columns and many rows. Each row must be unique. Therefore I want to join all 11 columns in an array and then enter the value in an additional column.

    After that I want to build a second array from my userform input TextBoxes, ComboBoxes...) and check if these inputs are already present in the sourceArray (topic avoid duplicates).

    Does anyone of the specialists have an idea how I could do this?

    Many greetings from germany

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  • It would be easier to help and test possible solutions if you could attach a copy of your file. Explain in detail what you want to do referring to specific

    cells, rows, columns and sheets using a few examples from your data (de-sensitized if necessary).

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  • Hello,

    Mumps is 100% right !!! ( as usual ... ;) )

    Attaching a sample file would make everything much easier ... :)

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