Move Cursor to Next Cell Based on Data Entry Only

  • Hi Excel Expert Friends

    I need a small help from you

    Here what I want I am doing data entry From Col-A to Col-D here I want changes in this vba code here if type any value from col-A to col-D then only cursor will move to next cell

    Like if i enter any value on Col-A and Press Enter then move cursor to next cell of Col-B like this for every column from A to D

    If I don’t enter any value on Col-A and Press Enter then a pop-up MsgBox will be show me a message like this

    MsgBox(You Can’t Leave Cell Blank Please Enter any Value to Move to Next Cell)

    Like this I want for every Column From A to D

    Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Excel.Range)
        If Target.Column = 1 Then Range("B" & Target.Row).Select
        If Target.Column = 2 Then Range("C" & Target.Row).Select
        If Target.Column = 3 Then Range("D" & Target.Row).Select
        If Target.Column = 4 Then Range("A" & Target.Row + 1).Select
    End Sub
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    Your code seems to cover everything except the message. Also you have four mutually exclusive conditions so should not use serial If statements.


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