Show listbox on userform when containing a value in a column

  • I have a Table containing 3 columns:




    I have a userform for searching an article in the table. Once found, I should be able to input a quantity for that article.

    With a commandbutton, the quantity is entered into the table.

    It should also show the entered line in a listbox on the form until the form is quit. It should show multiple lines, every line that contains a quantity.

    When there is no quantity, it means it has not been ordered, so it should not be shown.

    How can I show only the lines from the table in a listbox on the userform that are containing a quantity?

    This is the code I have so far. The commandbuttom1 action is working but it shows all the rows in stead of only those who have a quantity filled in.

    The rowsource should be unlimited in stead of now "A4:C125".

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