Help with converting ActiveX code to Userform code

  • Hi I have a working code given to me from another forum for a specific task and added/modified some of it (like which column to copy, intervals, savepath, etc.):
    When a button is clicked, it will pop-up a listbox that list all the sheets in the current workbook
    When another button is clicked All selected sheet in the listbox will have specific columns copied from each of them (example column F:F of each) and pasted to a new workbook with 1 column interval per paste
    now I want to transfer this in my userform w/ listbox and button and a filter for sheetname, I cant figure out how to have the exact same function working

    Here is the existing code

    Now I have a userform that list a filtered name of sheets and i want the button of this userform to have the same sequence and function of the working code

    I also attached a sample file with bot the buttons
    orange is the working one and pink is the new one

    userform4 is the one to be used

    module2 has the action code of the working code.

    hope someone can help , thanks!

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