search a number and insert row

  • I have a table with three columns. In the first column (A), there is always a number for each row (+300).

    The number go from 1001 to 5999.

    The numbers represent categories:

    1000 = Cat A

    2000 = Cat B

    and so on.

    I want to search in column A where the last number, starting with "1", is situated (rownumber). Then I want to insert a row with a new number starting with "1"

    So, in my column the numbers go like:





    So I want to search for the position between 1079 and 2000 to insert a new row with number "1080" in column "A"

    How can I achieve that with VBA by clicking on a commandbutton on a form?

    Thx in advance

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    Try this

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  • Works just fine! Thanks a lot!

    Next to column "A", I have column "B" and "C"

    When a Row is inserted, the number comes automaticly (last number starting with digit "1" +1) but data is also going to column "B" and "C".

    So, I adapted your code where "testdepartement" and "testarticle" will be changed to values from textboxes.

    It works fantastic.

    Thanks again!

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