Random selection of values from a list and randomization of the values

  • Hello,

    I have not found a thread that matches exactly my needs. I need a macro that randomly select a number of values from a list located in the middle of a spreadsheet. That means that the range of source values cannot be defined by a single row (for example "A") but it is defined by a range (for example E18-E42) in order to exclude all cells above and below that range from being selected.

    The randomly selected values must be returned to a a defined cell range (eg F18:F42) and randomly reordered in a defined cell range (e.g G18:G42).

    The user of the spreadsheet must be able to enter the number of values that must be selected from E18:E42.

    This would help me a lot!

    In advance, thanks a million for your help! :)

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