Using a Userform to update data

  • Hello. i'm wondering if someone could help with a VBA issue i'm having with a userform. i admit i'm not the best at Excel and while i have been able to achieve half of what i need i'm struggling with the other half.

    basically i have a userform that i want to use to update data on another sheet. So far i have been able to get into a position where i can use a combox box to select a user and then have the relevant textboxes on the form populate with information from several columns; but the thing i am struggling with is then being able to make changes and then have this written back to the relevant columns for the selected user. i have searched on google for similar queries but due to my lack of understanding of VBA i havnt been able to modify any of them to suit my needs. i'm also not sure if i have gone down a particular path that i shouldnt have gone down

    i have attached a sample sheet i f that makes it easier but i would appreciate any help

  • Try this

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