Change On Sheet 1 Column AE To What Is In Column B Of Sheet 2

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    I have sheet 2 like below. I need a code please that when I type or paste a number into a cell on Sheet 1 column AE, it needs to change to what is next to it on sheet 2 column B.

    Sheet 2


    So if I type or paste 'Test' into say AE2 on sheet 1 it will change to 'Test1' automatically. Or if I type or paste 'Hello' in AE5 it automatically changes to 'Goodbye'. Data on sheet 2 may be thousands of rows.


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  • Try the attached.

    Code in Worksheet Object Module for Sheet 1 is:

  • Try the attached.

    Code in Worksheet Object Module for Sheet 1 is:

    Thanks. Your sample seems to work great but when I put code in my file nothing happens? I will be writing over existing values in AE if that makes any difference?

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    Actual file sent and code amended, the sheet code name for "Sheet 2" was Sheet4 not Sheet2

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