Opening Same Form with two different command button with different results

  • Hello!

    Is it possible to open the same (userform1) with two different command buttons and get different results. The first button (INSERT) on (userform3)is to open the userform Cust_Line_Order_Form (with textboxes) in a blank value state.

    a button on this form then opens Userform Product Table.

    a command button (OK) on (userform Product Table) is to open the userform1 with values filled into the textboxes. A value selected from a listbox on userform Product Table, activates the value in a cell on a worksheet "INVENTORY".

    That value plus additional cell values are to show in USERFORM1 textboxes.

    So far it crashes.

    button 1 (INSERT):

    Code  '<-- opens form in blank value state...just a userform with blank textboxes

    commandbutton 2 on userform (Cust_Line_Order_Form)... opens userform (Product table) with a listbox of thousands of product... I hightlight product needed and hit "OK" command button that has this code:

    unload me

    In the userform_Activate() for userform Cust_Line_Order_Form

    I have code:

    Optionbutton1.visible=True '<--- has nothing to do with values
    me.textbox3.value = sheets("Inventory").activecell.value

    Once I can get this to work I plan to use the offset function to complete the other textboxes. However, It crashes.

    Obviously because I am trying to open the same userform in two different states but I can't figure out if there should be an (IF) statement or any other kind of "work around".

    I am basically trying to process a customers order. The Cust_Line_Order_Form will contain each line items values. Once the line items are entered, this form will go back to blank values waiting for the next line's values.

    Any help?

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