Email Generator via Excel

  • Hey Team,

    I hope everyone is doing great! Back here to get some help about my upcoming project for the team.

    Basically, we have several templates for emails that we send on a daily basis. Partly, I have done the same concept before, but this one is more complex. I have made a UserForm for users to generate those emails saved under the "templates" tab. As you can see, other than the emails under "Email Template", there are other details I want to show every time a user select a Command button or search for the "Macro" from "D" column.

    On the UserForm I created based on my previous project, there are two command buttons in place with the "Macro" as the command button name. Once clicked, the Email Template appear on the textbox. As mentioned above, I also want to show the details from our other columns. These details are under Frame1 in the userform. Furthermore, column F should appear on Textbox5.

    The most difficult, personally, on this project is how to create a "Search" function that would display the same information. The command buttons are for frequently used emails. We want to be able to pull up those emails using a Search capability as well.

    I have attached here my excel progress so far. I would definitely appreciate your help on this. Thank you!

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