Needing help with formula to auto move text from one cell to another

  • Hi,

    I have a large spreadsheet which has street addresses, then a few cells beneath has the city. I am trying to move the city into the cell directly next to the street address. (column C has street address, i would like to move all cities to column D). I have tried a few different methods, none of which seem to be helping. I would think there is a formula or function i could use.... but am not having luck on the google trying to figure out how to craft a formula for this. My thinking is i should be able to drag a formula all the way to the bottom, then copy and paste the values entirely to a new sheet.

    Could someone help me please? Sample File attached

  • Hi,

    If you're using a version of Excel with dynamic arrays, you could try something like this

    =LET(_rng,C1:C1000, INDEX(FILTER(_rng,_rng<>""),SEQUENCE(COUNTA(_rng)/2,2)))

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  • Do you still need a space between City and next Street?

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