VBA - find cells with number ending with...

  • Hi,

    I do some student work - data entry (adresses of customers) into web application from Logistics company, which has option to export data into excel. Prices of all products ends with 0 (0.00 american way or 0,00 european way) - like 140, 320, 80... Because of large number of packages sometimes I make mistake typing prices into web application and then occurs problems with paying from customers. It occurs even if I look manually the excel sheet (from export) that I miss my mistakes regarding prices.

    I have looked a lot of VBA forums and could not find VBA code for something like "find cell with number ending with...". So please help me.

    I would like that macro will:

    - find all cells in certain range (column, except first cell) with number ending not with 0 (e.g. find numbers ending with 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 or 9)

    - highlight cells that meet the condition above (e.g. fill cell with red color)

    - otherwise message box "Prices are ok" (e.g. all cells in range containing numbers ends with 0)

    * export file has one column (E) with prices and first cell in this coumn is text "Price"

    Thanks in advance

  • Why not use Conditional Formatting?

    Example file attached.

    Formula for Conditional Formatting


    and is applied to E2 to E200000 (change the 200000 if more than 200,000 rows of data likely)

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