Merging Workbooks where the source files don't change paths or names

  • Good Morning,

    I did some digging and kept finding code where the user chooses files to merge then it loops through and merges them. Thought I'd throw this question out there.

    I currently have code that allows the user to choose which files (workbooks) to merge into one sheet in a master workbook, which further manipulates the data. There are 8 individual source files that get merged together, minus the header in each. These files reside in the same file path each week and always have the same file names, they just get overwritten each week. For example C:\Users\MergeIL.csv, C:\Users\MergeNC.csv, C:\Users\MergeTN.csv etc.......

    Since these files are always in the same place and always have the same name, how could I hard code that in the macro, to remove the step of having the user choose the files?

    Here's the current code I'm using. Thank you in advance.

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