check sum formula for dynamic range

  • Hi experts!

    I am trying to do the SUM function in the yellow cell, to see if the total amount (cell in blue) is correct.

    But it's a dynamic rows, eg, sometimes 5 row, sometimes 15 row, etc

    And is there any way do it in "Relative references" instead of the fixed column B, Column C, etc.

    if it is possible that when I select the yellow cell, and then run Marco to insert a Sum function that [=SUM(B2:B13,-B14)] with relative reference] in yellow cell.

    thanks :)

    Attached is the excel sheet for reference.

  • The data and blue cell was used sum function already in another excel to be print out as a financial statement. Therefore I don’t want to mess up with the original excel.

    And the purpose here is to check the figures see if everything is correct as it show

    I am copying those data from another excel and paste value here, and using this function to do the sum checking for the figures before finalize a financial report.

  • Oh yes your are right.

    But is the Marco able to do this formula ( =SUM(B2:B13,-B14) ?) or I have to do it by hand every time?

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