Conditional Weighted Averages using SUMPROD and IF Statements?

  • Hello -

    I'm trying to find Weighted Averages of Column C and D, by letter in Column A.

    As the placement of this file will change, how can I find weighted averages of the rates without having to use SUMPROD in specific ranges, since placement will change month over month.

    Is there a way to utilize SUMPROD with IF statements? I've attached workbook that contains how I'm doing it manually, but am curious if there is a better way.

    File Note: Letters BB and DD are two blocks of information. Assume you cannot sort, and bring them together. They need to be kept separate, which is the crux of my inquiry into this problem.


  • Hello Pecoflyer -

    I've just reviewed your file, and it is exactly what I'm looking for. Thank you very much. I'll need to study your use of SUMPROD to get better at this myself.

    I appreciate your time on this.



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