Search, Data Input and Create Hyperlink ( The Complex Thought)

  • Hi.

    I have worksheets with lots of data and various related certificates in the drive location. The fact is I want to create a hyperlink. Now, how the hyperlink create?

    The File Location folder is D:\Certificate\ where the file name is like 5. T-234363.12_02_2022 in a specific file format ( Sl. Ref. Date)

    The cell range is 10 to 1200.

    Now in my worksheet in cell AD10 if I input 12/02/2022 then the system look at the file location for the "*.*.12_02_2022" file. If found then it creates a hyperlink to this cell and the Ref number (T-234363) will be input on the Cell AC10 As T-234363.

    If any suggestion or expert opnion in this regard will be highly appreciated. Can it be done by vba? Hope someone kind-hearted will help me in this regard.

    Thanks in Advance

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