Swap axes in Excel (Word) chart

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    Swap axes in Excel (Word) chart

    Can you please kindly help me? (I have spent many hours trying to solve it).
    Attached, there is a Word file with Excel chart.
    I want to swap the axes, i.e. what is on the horizontal axes should be plotted on the vertical and vice versa.
    Otherwise (including the legend), I want the chart to remain the same.
    Is this possible?

    Many thanks, Jan

  • rory

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  • No, you can't do that with a stock chart, I'm afraid. It might be possible to do it using an XY scatter instead with lots of dummy series and custom formatting but it would take quite a bit of work I suspect.

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  • Hello,

    very many thanks for your detailed reply, which I do appreciate.

    I have attempted many methods how to reach my aim, includ?ng data transponing in the Excel source spreadheet. But nothing lead to success.

    Also, please note that the chart is not - in fact - the genuine functionality, which is used for confidence intervals as intended by the software. There does exist a special type of chart for this, whoever, I have used a "cheat" how to plot the intervals: I used "linkong of extreme". I have done this in because I wanted to get the upper and lower data labels to be plotted automatically (which is something what the built-in type does not acheive)

    Many thanks again!


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