Select data from pivot table - number or rows with data varies

  • I am trying to get a macro to copy a column of data from a pivot table and copy just the cells with data to another tab. The problem I am running into is the number of rows in the pivot table changes. I tried



    If ActiveCell.Value = "" Then


    LastRowColumns = Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row

    Range("S6:s" & LastRowColumns).Select

    End If

    but when there is only one row of data in the pivot table it selects the entire column down to the bottom of the page (row 1048576).

    Can anyone tell me how to select a range starting from a cell (S6), select the range of cells below it with data if the number of cells below it ranges from one (cell S6 only) or several?

  • The pivot table has a Tablerange1 property which is the body of the pivot table. You can use that to figure out which rows to copy. But your current code should never select all the rows in the sheet.

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