Copying values from a range of cells in one file one by one in different csv files

  • I have been looking for a macro that could allow me to

    1- read a CSV file that has a column with a series of id values, similar to this.

    [Blocked Image:]

    2- Get those values and, one by one, open all the CSV files in a certain folder then copy a value in a fixed cell for each one, in the same order in which those IDs were ordered in the "master" CSV.

    The result would be a number n of CSV files that were previously present in a certain folder and that now have an ID value in a particular column.

    enter code here

    This code above is correctly iterating all the files in a selected folder, and in this case, I tried copying to each one of those CSV files the number 20 in cell a1, and worked. Now I need to copy a list of values that are inside a master workbook one by one in each one of those CSV files while it iterates. Any clue about how I could do it?

    Thanks for any suggestions or ideas.

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