Copy partial row based on cell value in to sheets

  • Hi, I have looked but I am so new to this I don't have much of a clue if it doesn't relate to the code I have which is below.

    I want to copy Columns A to BR in to the MG sheet if BR has a Y in it.

    Ideally I would love to have something which would look up a range of columns in the Master Data sheet then copy in to the relevant sheet. I hope I have made some sense!

  • Hello Greenestdays,

    Automating the autofilter should do the task for you and be much quicker than a looping construct. Hence, try the following:-

    I hope that this helps.



  • I had a similar query solved. But you will have to edit the code and get the rows containing Y in the sheet required. I have 3 conditions in the code to get the data from one sheet to another. You can edit the code by changing the name of the sheet and the condition you are looking for. Hope it helps.

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