Selective worksheet printing

  • Good day,

    i've created a 32 workseets in a workbook. First worksheet (named DATA) has the days of the month (01, 02, 03, ....31) in the column A, weekdays by name in the column B and in column C based on the day of week (workday or weekend day) has the value 1, respectively 0. The rest of the worksheets are named 01, 02, 03, ....31. All these last 31 worksheets have the same format.

    I would like to be able to print ( in a single print comand, without going from worksheets 01 to worksheet 31) all the workseets that are coresponding to the workdays in a month, WITHOUT the weekend days.

    can someone give me a solution? is it doable?

    I've googled for a few days now, and none of the solutions that i've found couldnt get it to adapt to my specific problem. also i'd like to mention that i have very little knoledgo of macros or VBA.


  • Hello,

    In my opinion, before diving into the printing issue, you should be tackling the issue of creating the very last worksheet ...

    as THE RECAP sheet ... which would precisely filter out all your Data, and therefore generate your requested report ...

    Hope this will help

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