Vlookup to show average of a range

  • Hello All,

    I need help with Vlookup or any other function which can show me the average for a range,

    I do not want to use an extra column to calculate the Average.

    I am enclosing a sample file with the result I expect and the formula I tried which is not working

    Basically, I was trying to use the AVERAGE function for Column Index number.

    Vlookup for Average.xlsx

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Hello Carim,

    Thanks for the formula.

    As mentioned in the OP, I do not want to use the extra column F of Sheet 1 . It was typed for explanation purpose only.

    I tried the formula which failed shown on Sheet 2 Column F.

    Is there a possibility to use the AVERAGE within the function.

  • Glad you could fix your problem :)

    Thanks for your Thanks ... AND for the Like 8)

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