Excel SIN SINH error

  • I've been writing a few formulas to work out the collision angle for two objects. In these calculations you need to do the SIN and then SINH of an angle. I'm quite dissapointed that excel gives an error with the following;


    excel gives -43.9758368943334 over an degree in error.

    whereas a decent calculator will give -45

    Is there anyway to get around this problem?

  • What calculator are you using that returns -45 for that?

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  • Sorry ignore the minus.

    Essentially what this boils down to is that excel has rounding errors for triganomic functions. It is possible to bypass this with a CORDIC algorithum. But I don't think excel has an add in or anything.

  • Just out of curiosity regarding CORDIC algorithms ...

    You can use them in Mathlab :

    CORDIC Algorithms in MATLAB - MATLAB & Simulink

    and there are several solutions to use Mathlab functions in Excel ...

    Hope this will help

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