Find the fault in the code

  • Hello guys

    I have this code which Customizes a bank statement to the required columnar format. The code itself checks whether the closing balance is matched with the raw data. The problem is I am not able to figure out why in the check column I am getting a difference of 0.01 in some of the rows. I need your help to solve this problem. Column K amounts are manually entered with the help of a formula to check the difference.

    Amount difference 0.01.xlsm

  • Hello,

    No Fault in the code ... ;)

    Excel has a Number precision of 15 digits ... and therefore uses 15 decimals for calculation.

    As a consequence, compared to a manual input ...they can very easily differ from each other.

    You can fix this issue with a rounding formula.

    Hope this will help

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  • Carim

    Changed the title of the thread from “Need help to find the fault in the code” to “Find the fault in the code”.
  • Carim. But, I have already done in the code.

                    OutputCheckColumnLetter).NumberFormat = "#,##0.00"                  '   Format Columns I & J to commas & 2 decimal places

    fyi, With the same code, some of the statements display correct values and some don't. This is one of them where they do not match.

  • After importing the customized data to the server, I just remembered that the columns closing balance and check are not included while importing the data to the server as they are not required. The import was perfect. The last 2 columns were just added in this application to check if any rows have been omitted while customizing the sheet. The problem of mismatch in those last 2 columns was there from the beginning and I didn't try to correct it as the import was successful and the amounts matched perfectly.


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