Remove space in the end

  • Hello experts

    How do I remove the space in the end of each cell and get the data without space in the adjacent cell? I tried the trim function but the extra space is not removed in the result. I need your expert advise to know how to remove the extra space.

    Please note: Not all the cells have extra space.

    I even tried find and replace with space bar in find and blank in replace. But it did not work

    remove space.xlsx

  • Hello,

    Most probably because of main frame download, you are dealing with a special character Char(10) ....

    so, you can test the following :


    Hope this will help

    Edit: Just tested your sheet, all of your Blank spaces are Char(10) .... with the exception of cell A5 which holds Char(13) ... ;)

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  • Once I apply the formula and copy paste special to remove formulas, it once again displays the values with space.😲😲

  • Carim. That too has a space. If you choose some selected cells - select a cell and press F2 you can see that there is a space. Actually it ain't exactly a space but I think you get this when you enter data nd press Alt+Enter.

  • The issue is resolved. I used the clean function and was able to remove the extra space in the all the cells.

    Thanks for your support Carim.

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