VBA for employee payslips pdf and email

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    I want generate All Employee payslip in PDF on 1 Button=VBA codes gives error PLS HELP

    want to create VBA for for employee payslips excel to pdf for range of cells and send email in one button

  • Your "VBA CODE" refers to sheets that don't exist in your workbook. Please explain in detail what you want to do referring to specific cells, rows, columns and sheets using a few examples from your data. It would also help if you include a sheet that shows what your email should look like.

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  • Do you want to create a PDF of the payslip for all employees, save that pdf and send it as an email attachment to each employee?

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  • Try the attached, click the button on the "Payroll calculator" sheet (after updating the Period in cell W2).

    The code will create a Salary Slip for all employees who have worked at least one day during the month (employee has a value greater than 0 in Payroll calculator Column G). A PDF will be created and saved to a sub-folder in the same folder as the Salary OTP-2022 workbook, if the sub-folder does not exist the code will create it. That PDF file will then be emailed to the employee.

    Code assigned to the button

    Note that I added a column to the Employee information sheet for the email address of each employee. If an employee does not have an email address entered then his/her Salary Slip will be printed rather than emailed.

    Depending on computer system the code will take approximately 45 seconds to create and email all the salary slip pdfs.

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