Need a little tweak with this coding

  • I currently have my invoice setup to simplify how i save my file as, which specific folder, then the option to send it as an email.

    the minor issue i have is the pdf code. its saves to the correct business name folder but it also saves to the general invoice folder

    for example

    business name folder

    \Invoice\business\Invoice 379 business.pdf

    General Invoice Folder

    \Invoice\379 business.pdf

    how do i prevent it from saving to the general invoice folder and keep the same functions

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  • You create a PDF with your first Sub, then create another one with the second sub.

    Change the path in the first sub from

    "C:\Google Drive\Business Office Work\Accounting\Invoices\"


    "C:\Google Drive\Business Office Work\Accounting\Invoices\Business\"

    If it is a business Invoice.

    You will need to add an If....Else.....End If statement to your code to determine if it is a Business Invoice or a General Invoice.

    Then do not use your second Sub.

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