Add Headings and print formulas below headings with a code

  • Run time error 7. Out of memory error to correct

    Hello code experts
    I have posted this query in the link above forum but I haven't had any response till now.
    I am trying to add additional headings to KA and ExtractB2B sheets and get the data below the headings with the help of formulas in a code. I got the headings right but I am not able to print the formulas under the headings and I am getting run time error 7. Can someone please correct the code to avoid the error. I also need your expertise to correct some formulas which are converted into code which are not being accepted.
    Both the modules of Get headings is working when run from the VBA editor. The get formulas need to be edited and corrected.

    Add Headings & Get Formulas.xlsm

    Thanks in advance.

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