Select Odd Rows from Named Range

  • Hi. Thanks for your post. Sorry, but I’m a little confused, or perhaps a haven’t been clear. I don’t know what to do with any of these worksheet formulas, yours or mine. (Please see attachment.) They all work perfectly and do roughly the same thing, which I don’t need, i.e., identify the values of the odd cells in BaseRng. None of them do the thing I do need, i.e., identify the cell locations so the formula will work in a range name definition. I test this by putting the formula in the “Refers to:” field in the “New Name” window, then give it a name. I then type that name in the Name Box of the worksheet and press Enter. If the cells I have shaded blue are not selected, it’s not working. As the macro (a change procedure attached to “Input”) indicates, I want to put calculation results in cells offset to the right of the odd cells in BaseRng.

    Regarding the sample workbook I posted, you said there were many comments to be made. Please share; I know I could use all the help I can get.

    Thank you for all your help. :) Excel forum question sample NIC 2.xlsm

  • Hi,

    With Excel, stick to a generic recommendation : you should avoid "sowing the seeds of your future problems..."

    A golden rule : NEVER mix together Data on one hand .... and Analysis on the other hand ...

    Moreover, the "cosmetics" of your final report should ALWAYS be your very LAST priority ...

    To be effective, designing Excel spreadsheets should stick to following 7 Golden Rules:   7 Golden Rules for Spreadsheet Design

    Another link extremely well built by Dave to help designing Excel spreadsheets : Dave's unvaluable recommendations

    Sincerely hope this will help you in the Future :)

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