SUMIFS or SUMPRODUCT both returning #VALUE error

  • Hi Folks

    I've tried both SUMIFS and SUMPRODUCT to take the value in column B on sheet 3 if the "Section" in column A here appears in the section column A:A and the date in row B here is in row 1 on sheet 1 but I keep getting a #VALUE error... :(

    I think it's perhaps because I am mixing requests from both Rows and Columns???

    Any ideas please???


    As always, heartfelt thanks...

    Kind regards


  • You should never use whole column references in SUMPRODUCT formulas. Not only is it hugely inefficient but here it also means that you are including a header row in the multiplication, and you can't multiply text.

    This will work:


    As an aside, it's really not a great layout to have formulas that rely on two different sheets being in the same order.

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  • Hi,

    Please explain your underlying logic .... and show your expected results in Sheet 2 ... :)

    Edit : Good to see that ... Rory has decoded your objective !!! ;)

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