json format data to vba variable

  • Hi

    I just needed to get value of of last_price value here it is 17028.9 from json in a variable

    {"status":"success","data": {"symbol_name":"amaz29MAR23F","trading_symbl":"amaz29MAR23F","company_name":"NIFTY","last_trade_time":"15:29:59","last_price":17028.9,"change":-149.25,"change_per":- 0.87,"last_quantity":50,"buy_quantity":220200,"sell_quantity":257350,"volume":11661400,"average_price":16968.33,"open":17099.8,"high":17109.8,"low":16866,"close":17178.15,"tick_size":0.05,"multiplier":0,"lot_size":50,"decimalprecision":0,"yearly_low_price":0,"yearly_high_price":0,"exchange":"NFO","token":"37834"}}

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  • Hi,

    With your string located in cell A1, you can test following formula:


    Hope this will help

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