Splitting long text

  • Hi.

    I'm looking for formula to break line into two cells ( A1 and A2). If words are too long to fit fixed column width.

    example, "105/5, Vegeshwari Buildign, 105/5,vgshwrbuildign,mamulpetb-53, @Mamulpet, Bangalore" in B1

    (by the way, I've added "@" as marker where to cut.)

    if "@" is present, then "105/5, Vegeshwari Buildign, 105/5,vgshwrbuildign,mamulpetb-53," will be in A1 and "Mamulpet, Bangalore" in A2

    if "@" is not added , then the whole line is in A1

    Hope I've explained well enough.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

  • Hi

    Thanks alansidman for your suggestions. but I'm not looking to do it manually.

    Anyway, I've found solution for this. and that is Right and Left function augmented with If function for conditions.

    Consider this Solved.

    Regards. :)

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